Monday, May 20, 2019

Easy to find! Five healthy fruit juices are best for pregnant women  

It is most admirable for a couple's family life when a woman begins to conceive as she wishes. Whatever pleasure women should take care of is health, both walking, sleeping, sitting, eating, eating, drink, drink, drink must be very clear, including physical exercise.

Fruit juice is also an important diet for the health of mothers and infants in the womb to receive essential nutrition and vitamins, to feed the body and to help women's beauty.

Want to know which types of healthy fruit juice fit for pregnant women, including how to make them easy! Come and follow up all


1. Apple juice

Eating regular apple juice can help the health of both the mother and the baby in the area, while also giving you a feeling of refreshing during the first few months.


- Take 2 to 3 apples, clean the shell, then boil it with water to boil first and let it cool (or not boiling it as desired)

- Then take the apple to a roll with a glass of water, add some citrus juice and put it in a glass in a 1 hour fridge

- Finally, you can drink fresh cold apple juice.

2. Drip water

Guava can help prevent constipation during pregnancy, while also providing good nutrients for pregnant women.


- Take 2 trout to grow with boiling water and allow to cool, then grind or roll well with 2 teaspoons of sugar with ginger juice (take a few pieces of gingerbread with a grind of grind) And a little citrus juice to enhance the taste

- After rolling, you can drink fresh jerry juice with more ice.

3. Juice juice

Grapes are rich in antioxidants that are good for your health and prevent improper abnormalities in the baby's body, and make you feel healthier throughout the day.


- Take 500 grams of red grapefruit, remove it, then roll it or crush it and put it in the refrigerator, let's get it done. You can also add a wedge and add ice at every meal.

4. Carrot juice and Beet

This fruit juice is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and general health benefits also contribute to the body.


- Take 2 carrots, tubers, beet 2, tubers (found in supermarkets), and 1 apple. Cut in shells and cut into small sizes, just mix or mix them as a drink.
You can add ice at the same time.

5. Water, banana and honey

- This juice is good in the afternoon, and is good for the health of the mother and the baby in the womb.


Take a banana, half a cup of milk, half a cup of caffeinated coffee (Curd at the mall), and 1 ounce of honey, or mixing rolls.

- Finally, mix with ice and eat it.