Thursday, May 23, 2019

Five foods that are too much to eat are not good for health

It's often said that eating a lot of vegetables is healthy, it takes a lot of fruit, the skin is nice, sometimes it does not. So always tell us how much the food, vegetables and fruits are If too much is too much, it also has the same effect.
  1. Fruits
Fruits are very beneficial, with less fat and less corrosive and helps the drive system to be more efficient. Certainly, weight loss is likely to decrease when the system gets better, so the diseases of the digestive system are less likely to be reduced. Go ahead. 
It's not a matter of eating bananas as a fruit, but it is important to eat in the right amount. Not too much, too, because too much bananas may cause you to have yellow skin. Believe it or not, Fungus also has high vitamin A if it is too much to eat Risk of bone and joints may have anorexia, which depression, insomnia, restlessness, shed hair, headache, diarrhea.

  1. Oranges
Anyone who knows how to eat a lot of oranges will help make the skin smooth, because the oranges are a kind of fruit. Vitamin C has a lot of vitamins, many vitamins have a lot of benefits, helping to build immunity to the body, to protect the urine. Freedom, anti-depressant, and vigorous exercise help reduce inflammation.
But getting more than 500 milligrams of vitamin A per day for a long time can cause kidney failure. If more than 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C may also cause diarrhea, and if taken too long, it may cause birth defects. Irritation of the food due to the acidity of the vitamins Asia also cause abdominal distention or even cause nausea.

  1. Fish
Fish is one of the deepwater fish in the diet of seafood and low doses of DHA 
(DOCOSAHEXAENOIC ACID). Directly to the brain helps to nourish the brain and to remember.
But even though fish will be of great benefit, but for women with children, children and women who are born should be avoided. And a little less to prevent the damage from the barium, because the fish has a barium in fish meat if you eat too much. Excessive accumulation in the body may cause nerve damage The death of some brain tissue.

  1. Cabbage vegetables
Cabbage Cabbage The truth is that cabbage is of great benefit, but if too much intake can be a long-term health problem.
Cabbage plants will have the card to protect and stop cancer in many parts of the body, whether it be Gastrointestinal cancer, stomach, breast, womb, ovaries, and even toxic substances from the body, but if you Eating normally makes the liver work better.
But at the same time, there is a lot of goitrogen in the cabbage, where the goitrogen is refined so that the thyroid glands do not go away. Thyrocroxine causes thrombocytosis. If you eat more often, eat better than it is because Goitrogen is destroyed by itching. It should be healthy and eat right.

  1. Water
The water has the same disadvantages as the fact that water is what the body can not afford, but drinking too much water a day. 6-7 liters will cause acute liver failure, which can cause death.
Too much drinking can cause the body to get too much, causing excess water or toxic water. And the water will cause the blood glucose to fall rapidly, the body will treat the water between the outside and the body. In this case, it does not make it swell and make the shock, it may be seizure, the brain twists, the pneumonia, the unconscious, and the lethargy. Duck.