Friday, May 17, 2019

In search of eternal beauty

It talks about the pitfalls that have noticed in the end that popular fashion models have sought to stick to the outside rather than the beauty inside.

Laura Klaus Karenberg

Decorating the cover of a famous European fashion magazine has long been a dream for me, but it has become a reality. I couldn't believe it. It was my dream to be in magazines, earn a lot of money, and to travel around the world. Life is ending while I finish it. Now I just enjoy wine and dinner in Paris, get a new house, and just toast that I have become famous and rich. But is life all about this?

Focus on making the appearance look good

What is beauty for you? If possible, where do you want to change? When I was 19 years old and started working in Christian Dior in Paris, my idea of ​​beauty was how others appreciated about me. When people evaluated me and asked me to use it as a model, I thought that I was clean. I thought that if I was successful and I had a job, I was clean. However, it is a dangerous way of thinking that how others think of me, and how others look at it, determines their evaluation.

-Another reason I consider myself beautiful was who I am involved with. I worked with the most beautiful women listed in the most popular magazines. Because they were my friends and colleagues, I thought I must be clean as well.

Also, I was able to have confidence in my appearance by the men who attracted me. As many handsome, intelligent and successful men chased me, I thought I was clean. I was popular and had many friends. Every time I succeeded, I was caught by people and invited to various parties, and I could go anywhere I wanted to go. Given these friends and these places, I thought I must be clean.

As a result, I became a very self-centered person and became a self-centered life. I used my time for myself and only thought about myself. "I" "I myself" "About me" This was my favorite three words. My life was spent concentrating on my appearance. I was thinking about my weight, hairstyle, clothes, and overallity, whether it was attractive or not.

I have been a model work in Japan for two months. Every day people did everything for me. It even made me tie the straps of my shoes. When I got dressed, someone brought me my dress and coat. Three people were assigned for my own work. Such treatment was enough to make me think of my selfishness and self as a good person.

Pitfalls hidden in appearance

I was also a workaholic. There was no guarantee that I had a job the next day, so I worked seven days a week. My appearance also changes sometime. So I took on all the work. I worked in Germany in the daytime, traveled by plane to work in Paris in the evening, and returned to Germany the next morning. I was afraid to lose what I had, so I managed to keep it. So, if you asked for any work, I did everything.

As a result, I was exhausted and became ill. One day I suddenly lost my mind while shooting, and I injured my knee. For the first time in my life, I had to sit down in bed. Being unable to work was a very hard experience. Because even if it was only two weeks, I was not able to appear on the pret-a-porter show that I planned to perform. I had no choice but to cancel the 14 shows. I shook violently.

-But one day when I was lying in bed, I looked back on my life, thinking about what I value, what I think about beauty, and what my inner side is started.

I realized that my view on beauty was not correct. For example, I noticed that my appearance changed. My published magazines and cut pages are very fast and they quickly changed to the next issue. Even though I spent hours trying to take a picture of the magazine, my agency has already disposed of it as out of fashion within six months. I was always trying to keep up with such speed.

I also learned that it is good to manage a lot of money when I was young, but it is hard to manage it. At the same time, I started wondering why people like me. If my appearance is different, doing different things, or having no money, will my boyfriend love me?

These questions have been attacking me even when I was at the height of my work. I realized that my life was thin and began to feel sorry. Even though I could get everything I wanted, I realized that something was missing. Neither the success nor the attention I received could fulfill the emptiness I felt deep in my heart.

What happened? What is my priority? For whom and for what? I am alive?

Anxiety about appearance

I realized that I could not build my life with something that could be safe. We have concentrated on the trends of the times, what the boyfriend thinks, how much money they earn and how popular they are. I realized that I had built my life on the sand.

I remembered the special events that I experienced while I was in Indiana. There is a song, “For love in the wrong place,” but it was a good experience for me that my classmates invited me to a church concert. There were half teenage boys there and it was a big church, so I thought it would be fun.

But I did not think that God was necessary. What happens if you believe it? The parents were in divorce mediation, and their faith did not seem to help them.

But at the concert there was a message other than music, and what was said there struck my heart. At the end of the concert, the musicians said they wanted to talk about good news. I first thought it was the sale of their first record. But they talked about what God loves us.

-They talked about their possible relationship with God through Jesus Christ. By sending the Son to sacrifice on the cross for my sins, I talked about how God unconditionally loves me. Unconditional love, I wondered how great it was. I was able to admit that I had done something wrong, and I also knew that I didn't reach the standards God wanted. The musician said that I do not have to do anything to get God's favor. It was about receiving the gift of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

That night, I prayed briefly that I want Christ to forgive me, I want you to change me. He said that he would offer his life for Christ and serve him. I welcomed Christ in my life and asked me to have a relationship.

Many years after that, I was looking back on that in Paris. Now that you have lost sight of the true meaning of life, how can you get back to that determination? I have lived in the way I wanted to do, without regard to the relationship with God. It is natural to feel so bad. I have forgiveness for what God has lived for me and what others have tried to admit. I told God: "Please change me. Tell me about the true beauty."

What God first presented was about vanity. I have struggled about that for a long time. In the United States, $ 20 billion is spent on cosmetics, $ 300 million is spent on cosmetic surgery, and $ 33 billion is used on diet foods. It shows how much money is spent for appearance. Vanity is not beauty.

My weakness in this regard was to immediately try to compete with other women for their appearance. Acupuncture was an issue I had to deal with. I had to learn to feel secure that I was as he was, that God created me that way, and that God loved me regardless of my appearance or conduct. .

Being uneasy is not beauty. Anxiety makes it difficult to get a friend or to become a friend. I think that I can not feel good unless I am anxious from people.

Definition of beauty-real beauty

What is beauty? It is not about appearance. It is something you can find in your heart. Acupuncture is not a factor that I need in my work, but acupuncture is a beautiful thing. A sense of security and pride are beautiful things. When you know that God loves and accepts you, you will find that God brings you good things to you, which gives your life a sense of security and self-esteem. Then you will be able to love yourself and accept your shortcomings.

Without Christ's forgiveness, we will endure inside with our sins. You will not be able to have peace. Treatments that "try to cover up" any and all of the world can not change anything. God sees everything, and others will notice it over time. Only Christ can turn us into beautiful things before God. The true inner beauty begins by centering God in life, and it also appears in the appearance.

I can say that Jesus Christ changed my life. I will never forget that I have made up my mind to follow Christ. Would you like to receive Christ in your life as well? Jesus is invited. "Let's stand and stand outside the door. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I go to him and eat with him, and he eats with me I will do it. ”(Revelation 3:20)

You can now receive Christ through prayer, by faith. God knows in your heart and looks at your heart's attitude, so you don't care much about your words. Below is the prayer I prayed for. It may be expressing in your mind.

Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I welcome you in my life and accept you as my Savior. Thank you for forgive my sins and for giving me eternal life. Control my life and change me as you wish.

If this prayer represents your heart's wish, please do it now. Christ will enter your life as promised