Monday, May 20, 2019

The older you are! This is a food that should be avoided after 30 years of age

Our human body always needs good nutrition and nutrition to support both health and beauty. And for those who are over 30 years old, who are considered middle-aged, they need more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to improve health, strengthen bone health and heart, including Also prevent wrinkles.

In addition to eating a diet rich in metabolism from the age of 30, you should avoid these 9 bad foods, including:

1. Alcoholic beverages

An alcoholic beverage contains calories that make your body hard to burn, especially if you are not able to sleep well, you can gain weight and have a sweet appetite the next morning. Too.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Foods that add artificial sweeteners make you think it's calories, but it does not make you want to eat it. Additionally, supplements that are added to these artificial sweeteners can cause cancer risk, and cause high sugar levels and insulin deficiency, which can lead to fatal fat burning problems. Coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Apart from foods containing chemicals and sugar, caffeinated drinks can affect your sleep. And because it can make you sleep indefinitely, it will make your health less healthy, especially if you're hungry for sweets that cause obesity.

4. Sour milk

The consumption of yoghurt, which has a mix of fruits, contains a lot of glucose, up to 47, which, on average, one person a day needs only 25 sugars for women and 38 for people Only male. If you want to drink yogurt, you should buy raw yogurt and mix fresh fruit at home by yourself.

5. Milk

Surprisingly, all dairy products have been found to contain acids that are avoided for people over the age of 30 because it can kill good nutrients and bacteria in the body. The body.

6. Food cans and heat foods

For people over the age of 30, cooking on their own is the best thing to avoid, and avoiding cooked meals and foods that can contain sugar, salt and fat, health-promoting elements. Yes. In particular, the foods are less nutrients or fiber, but they contain the chemical and MSG chemicals that make the food tasty and addictive. For cans, it contains BPA, which causes cancer, imbalances, the body's hormones gain weight and cause birth defects.

7. Processing meat

Foods made from processed meat or 3 tbsp pork contain sodium, salts, fatty acids, and nicotine that may affect your health, especially if you have a heart attack. And the risk of malignant cancer.

8. Soda contains soft drinks, which is prevalent in soda drinks, can affect your health, especially for liver health and obesity. In addition, it can increase your appetite, increasing your weight.

9. Food made from white flour

Meals made from white flour, especially breads, contain so much sugar that can make you obese. In particular, it carries out a diet of fiber and even digested the digestive system.