Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Georgian food spoils your taste buds - you want to taste these delights!

Have you ever met Georgian food? It also quickly gathers friends in Finland.

Brisk and delicious
Cheeses and vegetables, crunchy meat directly from the grill. Delicious! In recent years, several restaurants serving Georgian food have risen to Helsinki, and Purpur, founded by Ville Haapasalo, has also received a sister restaurant in Tampere. So there is clearly a matter for cooking food for good reasons. The Georgian food is suitable for Finnish taste buds, not least because it is not too hot - and because of the hunger after the meal.

Perhaps the most well-known Georgian dishes are snapdragon and khinkal. Hatsapuri is a cheese-filled round bread that is brought to the table warm. Molten cheese is deliciously poured between the hatsapuri slices. Cheese can also be found on top of this bread, while the adzarul kelp is covered with egg.

Inside the Lobiani tentacle, there is a bundle of red beans. Lobio beans are also eaten as such. Hatsapur is often eaten as a starter or as a fast food - it is sort of a Georgian equivalent to pizza. There are other delicacies in the country that loves cheeses, as cheeses are widely used in Georgian cuisine.

Vegetarians can also taste
The second hit product of Georgian cuisine is khinkal. They are dough nuggets similar to Russian dumplings, which can be filled with, for example, highly seasoned meat and meat dishes. There may be other fillings within the Khinkal, such as cheese, mushrooms or vegetables. So, there is also a choice of vegetarians on the Georgian table.

Vegetable fried khinkals also offer vegetarians the opportunity to taste Georgian delicacies.

Mixed eaters should try the skewers and other grilled meat and chicken dishes. In cool weather, in turn, you can indulge in a thousand kharcho soups, which are flavored with nuts.

Agriculture is an important livelihood in Georgia and, thanks to it, there is plenty of vegetables on the tables. A lot of tomatoes, cucumbers and various salads are used. In addition to salads, vegetables are also used as raw materials for various delicious pastries. The pastries can then be spread over the bread or eaten as such.

Also, bean sprouts are popular and nuts are used a lot. It is also advisable for a vegetable friend to try aubergine dishes such as, for example, badrizany eggplant rolls coated with nuts. They tend to decorate with pomegranate seeds.

Plenty of spices
Although Georgian food is not a burning fire, many spices are used in country cuisine. For example, coriander is a popular herb. Another popular spice is the Finnish-less known hornbeam, which is also used for a lot in, for example, Turkish cuisine. In addition to Turkish cuisine, Georgian food also shows Russian influences.

The desserts Georgians do not do much more. Of course, fresh fruit can be tasted during the harvest season, and the pastry produced as a by-product of the winemaking is made of cherryhela. There are nuts inside the barn that looks like a sausage or a candle itself.

Churtchhela Sticks are a familiar sight in Georgian markets.

Local wines are the key to a piece of wine, as wine making has a long tradition in the country. In addition to wine in Georgia, a lot of mineral water is drinking, of which the most famous is mineral sparkling wine. Georgian lemonades are also worth tasting. Their most common flavors are pear, grape and tarragon.

Creating sattvic food is also to be done!