Sunday, June 9, 2019

Tips for enhancing your outdoor beauty

Not only allow you to throw external outer gear, ornaments, or do not let the clothes change with wide interference.

But with incredible and extraordinary attention of a soft and peaceful soul, within the heart of the heart, the inner morning and the beauty of beauty, which can not be worried, is very valuable in God's eyes.

I emphasize Peter 3: 3-4 (MMP)
Therefore, purify you, and strengthen your face, and put your clothes on you

Ruth 3: 3a

If we focus on our external appearance, but do not do anything with our hearts, we will only wear one ". However, after giving the necessary attention to our role, we will then want to make more and more things from outside. The good news is that there is not a lot that needs to be exit inside, it's inside. Consider your external appearance to properly check on baked cakes. Everyone knows that well-baked cake is not good without any glasses ... but looks better with it. Along with this, here are some tips to enhance your external beauty:

1. Clothes for your type of shape

We have to know how to wear clothes while praising our clothes. We are worn ourselves by wearing outfits that are not suitable for us.

There are four basic data types: 1) "apple size" - top top / bottom bottom, 2) "pear size" - small top / big down, 3) "ruler size" - even waist Without line, and 4) "hour glass size" - across proportion.

To appreciate our data types, we have to create visual balance. We do this by drawing well on our small areas. Our eyes are ready for bright colors and detail, so let us take these things to grow on our small areas. For example, if you are apple shapes (heavy ups), you get to organizations, which include the bottom volume, such as wide pants pants and filled or shiny skirts. If you are wearing a printed or big dress on top, you easily make your upper body bigger. Another tip for you is to increase your waist in detail with box and sockets.

Similarly, if you have the size of the pear (below the bottom), then you should wear bright colors and patterns on your body. You should wear jacket in a very detail and feel free to wear scarf. Your goal is to move eyes, so your lips are seen peripheral.

If you are the size of the rule (even around, without the waist line), wear the dress that you have a waist line even if you see it. Pay attention to your waist belt and seat around the waist. Low jackets will also help in creating the appearance of waist waist. Then, with your other parts of your body, eyes on your waist will be kept in the overseas view.

Now, if you have the best style of hour glass, then consider your blessings. You can wear anything You have no real concern, unless you have to trust in comparison to you. If this is the case, then dress up. Soft clothes are very applicable for clothes hourly figures. They do not look too big to you, but just throw your figure. It is obvious that add bulk clothes, bulk and increase your data.

Types of all figures should wear more suitable organizations. Note, I am not talking about the tall, red light district outfits, but just according to organizations. Work a tree to cut your clothes on your specific measurement. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I'm sorry to hear from you. Often heavy women choose loose fitting organizations to try to hide their data. This technique really sucks, because loose fitting clothing is due to seeing eyes and watches at least 10 to 20 pounds. That's actually If this is, come out of the hiding and make the most of what you have achieved. This will work if you work.

2. Classifieds - Manage bargaining

Now, we know how to wear clothes for our data types, we want to clean our closet. We, of course, want to get rid of everything that does not appreciate our data. However, more importantly, we want to get rid of everything we do not feel special or attractive to wear at this time. Your clothes and accessories that feel irritable or just "so much" will also make you feel "at least". This lack of confidence comes to people with whom you are in touch. So, is a garage sale or the things you are not paying from charity. They will benefit from someone else. Then Proverbs 31 Be careful and invest revenue from sales. Or if you make clothes for charity, then ending your tax partnership.

3. Learn how to apply makeup

Make-up is designed to enhance the face of your face and make an appeal. The easiest way to learn how to apply makeup is to change, take session photos and ask a number of questions. Most cosmetic lines will give you a change with the purchase of their production